Grooming Salons: What Every Pet Owner Should Watch Out For

1. Check if the salon is clean and doesn’t smell

First impression lasts. The moment you step inside the grooming salon, you will know right away whether the establishment is clean and well-maintained. While pet areas aren’t the most fragrant places to be, they shouldn’t be unpleasant. Check for stains on the floor and on the walls, you don’t want your pet accidentally picking up unwanted disease.

2. Check if you can watch the grooming session

In a typical Filipino pet grooming salon, owners can watch their pet being groomed since the partition of the grooming area is usually made of glass. So the first thing you should note when entering a grooming salon, is if one, the grooming area is visible to clients and two, if their protocol allows you to stay and watch (because some clinics don’t allow people to stay inside their premises and would advise you to just go back for your pet later).

By watching the grooming, you will learn a lot about how your dog or cat is being groomed, and if they are treating them with gentleness and patience. Grooming is not an easy task and there are pets that are hard to deal with. It’s not uncommon for groomers to sometimes lose their patience and start handling them a little too roughly.

3. Observe their grooming tools and the towels they use

Don’t hesitate to inquire about the establishment’s grooming protocol. Try asking the following so you can make sure that the tools they will be using on your pet are sanitary:

  • Are scissors, combs and razors cleaned after every use?
  • Are the towels new and fresh?
  • Are pet owners required to provide vaccination records?
  • How often do they clean up the grooming area?

4. Check the cages

Unless you bring your pet to the salon right before they open, often your pet will have to be placed inside a cage while they wait for their turn to be groomed. Yes, it can happen even if you have an appointment. Inspect the cages. Check if they are clean and free of wastes. Remember, your pet might spend a significant time in there before or after their grooming session.

5. Check your pet before you leave the establishment

It’s not uncommon for clinics or salons to receive a complaint hours or days after their pet is groomed. So some grooming businesses would probably ask you to examine your pet before paying for the service and going home. Make sure your pet did not acquire any wounds during the grooming. Talk to the groomer or the veterinarian on duty if there’s anything you need to observe for the next few days. Like humans, newly shaved areas can be itchy and they might start scratching at the area that could result to rashes or other skin problems.

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